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- Here the sample, how to customize your prepocessing. It is pretty easy. In your pipeline component use a parameter "ConfigFilePath" to point to the configuration file.
Here is the sample of this file. See comments in this file.
<ns0:SymbolReplacer xmlns:ns0="http://GLD.Utils.Configuration/2007-08-16">
 <!--    This configuration file works for SymbolReplacer pipeline component.  --> 
 <!--    Replacemnt works in order:  SimpleReplaces first, RegExs second   --> 
 <!--          SimpleReplace/RegEx records are processed in the segment order: first, second, etc.   -->
 <!--    Simple replacement: [1,n] to [0,m]   --> 
 <!--    EXAMPLE: printable symbols "9 " to ""   --> 
  <ReplaceTo />
 <!--    EXAMPLE: control symbols (use theHexadecimal notations  --> 
     <!--  Use Hexadecimal for the control symbols like CR LF and symbols prohibited in Xml like ampersand-->
  <!--    Replacement with RegExes (.NET):    --> 

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